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Attached please find a guide to install Foxit PDF Reader, a freeware which you can use on your course material in PDF to further enhance your learning. Below is some of the FAQs from the Foxit website.

Foxit Reader FAQs

1. What is Foxit Reader?

Foxit Reader is a small PDF reader for you to view, search and print PDFs. With this software, you are able to design interactive PDF forms, measure distances, insert images, add links, create annotations on PDFs, highlight PDF text, email PDFs, etc.

2. Is Foxit Reader free?

Yes. Foxit Reader is free software while advanced add-ons have a reasonable cost. Actually you are still able to evaluate these functions. However when you save the edited document, it will be stamped with an evaluation mark on the top-right corner of the edited pages. If you purchase the corresponding add-ons, then there will be no evaluation marks.

3. Where can I check out the latest version/build from the website?

You can always check out the latest version/build from our download page at

For more FAQs of Foxit, please refer to . Hope you will find this freeware useful.

To learn on how to install and use the Foxit Reader, click here.

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