January 2016 Announcements

Please be informed that the Important TMA Announcement and TMA released datelines for January 2016 was updated 2 February 2016.

1. Active BBM601/06, BPA601/06, EED521/06 students and project supervisors can now access these courses at http://projectlms.wou.edu.my  .

2. Active SST students and project supervisors for the current semester can access their SST project courses (TAI309/10, TCM309/10, TDM309/10, TEC309/10, TEL309/10, TIC308/10, TIC309/10, TIS309/10, TMT309/10, TND309/10, TSE309/10, TSN309/10 and TUC209/06)  at http://projectlms.wou.edu.my

3. New WOU students can only access WawasanLearn (myLMS) 24 hours after activation of your online services account.

4. Please take note that the “drag and drop” feature in courses is available if you are using the recent versions of web browser for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer version 10 and above.