Posting in WawasanLearn (soliciting response from tutors)

Dear Students,

WOU will constantly strive to improve the Learning Management System (WawasanLearn) platform as part of our continuous effort to provide quality learning support services to our students.

For every course in WawasanLearn, we have established various forums (i.e., Public Forum, Tutorial Forum) to encourage interaction and sharing of knowledge among students, tutors and Course Coordinators.

To facilitate your tutor to promptly respond to your enquiries directed to him/her, please ensure that in the “subject” heading you begin by typing “TUTOR –“ followed by the actual subject matter.


Subject: TUTOR – Notes for Tutorial 1

For clarity, please refer to the attached screen shot (Appendix A).

Best of luck in your studies.

With best wishes,

Directorate of Quality Assurance and External Relations

Wawasan Open University

Last modified: Thursday, 1 September 2016, 3:59 PM